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Client Engagements

“Dr. Hilliard did an amazing job — with an extremely short lead time for the talk- to present the concepts of EQ to our group of 40+ in Student Affairs leadership. She engaged individuals to think about concepts, participate with ideas, and provided handouts and takeaways for a deeper dive into the subject. Participants were able to understand the definition of EQ, illustrate how it works in real life settings, and see some examples that displayed both low-functioning and high-functioning EQ. Dr. Hilliard’s mix of lecture and audience participation allowed for a dynamic interplay that allowed for an enhanced understanding of the subject.”

Carl Martellino

Executive Director

USC Career Center

Pearl's in-depth knowledge of the DiSC program coupled with her terrific presentation skills was “spot on” and proved to be the highlight of our day-long office retreat! Her warm and friendly demeanor helped to promote broad participation by our diverse group and enabled us all, in a relatively short time, to gain a much greater appreciation of our own DiSC assessment and best ways to work with each other as colleagues and team members. Personally, I was completely amazed at the accuracy of the DiSC assessment and thought that the suggestions for how to best interact with others in the group was nothing short of brilliant. The group’s commitment to putting our newfound self-awareness, knowledge and tools for better interactions into practice has been most gratifying, with full credit to Pearl for enlightening and inspiring us!

Chris Yates

Associate Senior Vice President for Major and Planned Gifts

University Advancement

University of Southern California

“Our office has a broad diversity of personality types and working styles. As a group, we had no collective awareness of how to recognize different styles and best work with them. This led to tension. Having our group go through the DISC process was invaluable in helping us better understand each other. Pearl has a number of amazing exercises that brought us together and helped develop a better appreciation for each other. There is absolutely no doubt that the esprit de corps of our office is noticeably higher as a result. I would highly recommend the DISC process and Pearl’s facilitation to anyone who wants to develop a stronger team.”

Adam Duncan

Executive Director of Gift Plannin

University Advancement

University of Southern California

"I asked Pearl to come and do a work/life balance type of inservice with our staff. She came for an hour around our lunch time and took us through some exercises geared toward peeling back the layers in each of our lives to find what truly motivates us as individuals. She was very methodical and organized with her presentation and with her guidance for how to proceed on this path on our own. Her methods truly spoke to me and I feel that I am on a better path since hearing her speak. Thanks Pearl!"

Cindy Graham PT MPT OCS

Sports Medicine Institute of Los Angeles

Over the past year, I have been working closely with Dr. Pearl Hilliard, who is one of UCLA's external training and development providers. Pearl is a creative and dedicated professional, highly skilled in training design and facilitation. She has an unusual combination of both analytic/problem solving skills along with very strong interpersonal skills. We have received excellent evaluations for her workshops and she has had a positive impact on our course participants. Pearl is also an insightful and powerful coach who enjoys collaborating with others and supporting them in their growth. She is such a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her.

Linda Newcomb

Training Consultant

UCLA Human Resources

I'm very selective about my recommendations, but I recommend Pearl Hilliard wholeheartedly as a truly outstanding professional in the field of talent management/learning and development. One of the most rewarding collaborations of my career has been partnering with Pearl to drive Professional Development at the University of Southern California. A particularly joyous effort was co-creating USC's Trojan Leadership Academy. Pearl was instrumental in the development, launch and administration of our very innovative leadership academy. It was a pleasure to partner with her and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Roberto Blain

Director Talent Acquisition

Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Qatar

Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Pearl has been an incredible experience. Pearl is definitely a coach who will help you move to the next level by unlocking your possibilities, and realizing further your potential by maximizing your talents. Through Pearl’s tuition and personal hard work, it has been easy to raise the bar of my personal development and job performance”.


Finance Industry Executive.

Pearl was my coach while I was attending the International Coach Academy (ICA) and I counted on her for supporting my professional and personal growth. She became my "touchstone" and mentor. When I needed coaxing and accountability to focus on accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines of the coaching program, Pearl was standing with me and giving me focus and structure. One of the best things I got from coaching, however, was Pearl's ability to recognize strengths I didn't know I had, or did not use to my advantage. With a simple question that she was insightful enough to ask, I turned from a weakness based personal focus to a strengths based one! Pearl is intuitive, good at asking the right questions at the right time, and gentle but persuasive. She is a wonderful, wonderful coach and I recommend her without reservation!

Vicki Landers Biscay, MA, CPC, SPHR

Vicki Biscay is SPHR certified human resources expert and a certified professional life coach

“I was quite nervous before the coaching began. It didn’t take long before I shared some of my deepest fears with Pearl. She was my safe harbor. She has incredible insight and helped me stay focused on the real issues. She handled each session with confidence and expertise. I think what I liked best was when she was silent, allowing me to continue thinking and then sharing. Often some of the greatest discoveries came after the silence.”


“Pearl Hilliard is a wonderful coach and has been a great help to me. With Pearl’s help I am finally able to recognize were my strengths are and how to put those strengths to the best use also how to cope with things that used to seem impossible i.e. avoiding clean out my house of 20 years of clutter. Pearl has been a wonderful sounding board and a great listener, she has on many occasions repeated back to me things I was saying and that helped drive the point(s) home. Thank you Pearl you have been a great help.”


Living a Fulfilling Life Webinar Series

“The course, Living a Fulfilling Life, introduces research and thought provoking ideas. Participants learn straight forward steps to expand their well-being and fulfillment. The instructor, Dr. Pearl Hilliard, inserts genuine examples that bring the words and exercises to life. Pearl's deep desire to help others grow and make the world a better place, inspires participants to find and experience the nuggets in each session that resonate with their own work and lives.

I wanted MORE positive changes in my work, life and future. Simple and easy tools are so important when you are trying to grow in a new and optimistic direction. With each course session, I was inspired and compelled to introduce and experience new habits in positivity, engagement, relationships, passion, accomplishment and the importance of mattering.

I focused my career in engineering and leadership. Having completed the Living a Fulfilling Life course, I found validation and meaning in my life's work beyond engineering at a much deeper and personal level.

I have experienced a lightening up in my daily approach to everyday possibilities and I am more able to realize and accomplish the goals and changes I desire. I am enthusiastic about the possibilities in my future.

With this course, participants learn key tools for experiencing positive changes in work, life, relationships and play. If you are ready, to choose MORE fulfillment in your future, this course is for you.”

Sandy Ochoa

Visual Concepts Designer

Retired Engineer

“Dr. Pearl Hilliard's workshop was conducted in a fun and relaxed format. We were introduced to new ways of looking at emotions, habits and relationships. Pearl showed us the importance of having passion and meaning in one's life and how to discover our own. I was able to make use of these ideas from the very first session and continue to use them daily. I have seen a positive difference in the way I approach life, and a shift in my attitudes towards events and relationships. This course has something for everyone who is looking to improve on their lives.”

Linda Wagner

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

“Dr. Pearl Hilliard is a talented facilitator and highly skilled coach. Her 'Living a Fulfilling Life' program was perfectly structured for my style, and was flexible to meet the differing styles of the others in my class. She created an open, relaxed environment and material that challenged me to think about my life, my approach to happiness, my approach to others and personal development in a new way. I had many “ah ha” moments throughout the five weeks and I feel this program has made me much more mindful of life, living and relationships.

The program was structured to provide us time to reflect and develop very thoughtful outcomes in each of the modules. Pearl provided exercises we could complete in between classes that kept the material top of mind. Her tools were easy to apply and provided me with different ways to see and create well-being. I have struggled in my life to “allow” others to help me. I was taught to admire self-reliance - anything else is weak.  Thanks to Module 3, “Relationships” and the information on Mattering, I have realized that letting others help is not a bad thing but something that is probably even more important for the other person - that saying “no” might tell them they don't matter. Shortly after this module, I saw this play out in my personal life and was able to draw from what I learned in this program. This is just one of the many nuggets of gold I received. I would encourage anyone, at any stage of life, to complete this program.

Thank you Pearl!”

Laura Lee Ellen Johnson

Career Communication Strategist

“Just completed a 5-week webinar "Living a Fulfilling Life" developed by Pearl. It was an exploration of the PERMA model of well-being and offered many powerful insights regarding how to achieve greater happiness and satisfaction at work and on the personal level. Pearl infuses her own experience, knowledge and research into her work making the training a very rich and beneficial to anyone seeking to develop themselves. Highly recommend this workshop!”

Joyce Fernandez

Career and Transitions Coach

“I wanted to say thank you for your Life Fulfilling Workshop! I thought it sounded really interesting, however I gained so much insight into what truly makes me feel happy and how to enhance those activities and events to live a more fulfilling life. I uncovered things about myself that I hadn't taken the time to acknowledge or spend time on that were all available within me, around me and for me!

As a mom, there is so much to do, and finding a second for me never seems to make the list. I didn't realize how energizing spending time on fulfilling activities can benefit my entire family, associates, coworkers and clients! That old saying, put your oxygen mask on first comes to mind LOL.

To say I love your workshop, doesn't accurately express how grateful for this one I am. I want everyone I know to take this class!”

Jeri Wilson


“I am very pleased to recommend this PERMA based webinar as presented over five weeks by Dr. Pearl Hilliard. I was introduced to this course at a perfect time in my life and I was able to implement some techniques to my great advantage. Dr. Hilliard has a calm, professional manner and a concise, articulate voice for the presentation of this material. She often cites additional materials for our use from her extensive training and interweaves her personal experiences with our input to expand our perspectives. This is an enjoyable, worthwhile course for anyone searching for insight, self-awareness and a more fulfilling life.”

Sandra Hobbs

Hollyglen, California